Sand Hill Stables Conservation Efforts

Conservation has always been important to us. Turning this scarred farmland into a productive and scenic landscape is no easy task.

The First Step

was to plant cool-season pasture grass on most of the acreage.  The open acreage to the west of the creek was planted with warm-season prairie grasses, whose roots descend 20-25 feet and do an excellent job of securing the soil.

The Second Step

was to develop a rotation plan to prevent the pastures from getting worn out. Our current system rotates other animals through the pastures as well, to mimic natural grassland cycles.

The Third Step

In addition to their weed control and manure spreading benefits, our goats provide us with milk and fiber and the chickens supply farm fresh eggs.

Other Conservation Efforts

  • Staff recently began an ambitious composting program, which will recycle a mix of aged manure and sawdust to the areas where the horses graze and provide great compost for avid gardeners.
  • In 2008 Sand Hill Stable was awarded an Ohio Alternative Energy Grant, which provided a bit less than 50% of the cost of installing two large photovoltaic arrays on the south-facing roof of the west stall wing. The output of these solar panels is tied into the Ohio Energy’s grid and generates roughly half of the power the stable currently needs for heat and light.
  • The electrobraid fencing separating summer pastures is powered by solar generators. The winter paddock troughs are solar heated.
  • A bat box and several Bluebird boxes have been put up to encourage these insect eating critters to live on the property.
  • In 2010 Sand Hill Stable installed a rain barrel on the west end of the stable.  The water obtained within helps to water the community garden.