Lesson Programs

Lessons at Sand Hill Stable focus on safety and compassion.  Lessons are taught by CHA certified instructors.  Students learn how to safely handle a horse, groom, and tack up a horse.  Students are taught basic riding skills.  Helmets will be provided, rider should wear long pants and boots with a heel.

For young kids under age of 5.  This is a great way to see if your child is interested in horses.  Child will be shown how to groom a pony and will be given a lead-line lesson/pony ride.  Helmets will be provided, child should wear long pants and boots with a heel.

Lead line lesson – 30 min.    $20/lesson

The youth lesson program is for young riders between the age of 5 and 18, for both new riders as well as those with previous riding experience. The instructor is CHA certified.  The horses are safe and reliable.  Students may start their riding lessons on a lead line or longe line, but will progress to riding on their own as their riding skills develop.  Helmets will be provided, rider should wear long pants and boots with a heel.

Individual Lessons – 1 hour        $35/lesson or $265 for an 8 week package

Mission:  To provide interested youth with hands-on experiences with horses on the ground and opportunities to learn about all facets of horse care.

This program intends to educate the horse-obsessed child (ages 6 -18) about all the wonderful ways you can work with a horse (or in this case minis & ponies) that do not involve riding.  Kids will learn how to handle horses safely and deal with equines more appropriate to their size.  We aim to teach them:

  • Safe horse handling techniques
  • Horse behavior
  • How to show in a halter class
  • In hand obstacles
  • Basic lunging
  • Long lining/ In-hand work
  • Driving
  • Trick training
  • Liberty work
  • How to take care of horses

We plan to meet twice a month for 2 hour group training sessions with the minis & ponies.  Each child will be assigned a mini or pony to work with, if there are more participants than ponies then kids will share.  We want the children to form a bond with their equine partner.  The children will be invited to show their minis or ponies at our fun shows and a few shows off the property during the summer months.

Participants of this program that are 10 years and older will be asked to spend 2 – 4 volunteer hours each month at designated times (and under staff supervision) helping care for the horses or assisting with various events at the farm.  They will learn more about what all goes on in running a farm and the day to day care of the horses and other animals.

Other learning opportunities will be available throughout the year for participants of this program at discounted prices.

If using a Sand Hill Stable mini or pony

  • Monthly membership: $50
  • Semi-yearly membership: $275
  • Yearly membership: $500

 If using a personal mini or pony (*coggins or vaccination record required to bring to SHS*)

  • Monthly membership: $30
  • Semi-yearly membership: $175
  • Yearly membership: $325


Brittany Lemon

Brittany has been riding since the age of six after her parents agreed to sign her up for lessons.  From then on, she has not been able to find a place she would rather be than in a barn caring for and riding horses.  She has a strong background in hunter jumpers, having competed all over northeast Ohio until she began attending the Ohio State University.  There she competed on the IHSA Hunt Seat Equestrian team and completed a minor in Equine Sciences that taught her not only how to care for and manage horses, but also valuable lessons in equine behavior and training.  She spent her time outside of the classroom assisting in teaching English and western lessons to fellow Ohio State students through classes offered by the Kinesology department, training and conditioning various horses, and working and interning with various trainers of different disciplines in order to diversify her experience and knowledge.  Brittany currently holds a Level 2 CHA certificate in both western and English riding, including jumping and is looking forward to working with everyone at Sand Hill Stables.  

Betsy Shaw

Betsy has been involved with horses since the age of 13.  She competed in lower level eventing for several years.  She attended Hiram college and received a Bachelors degree in biology with a chemistry minor and originally set on becoming a veterinarian.  Those plans changed when she and her mom built Sand Hill Stable in 2007.  She is now the farm manager and teaches riding lessons.  She is certified through CHA for level 2 in both English and western.